The Newsletter

Research Music* is an independent newsletter that runs the gamut of experimental, avant-garde, and generally weird music with a focus on underground, marginalised, and Eastern European artists and scenes. Currently, most issues are in the format of reviews and roundups of recommended recent releases, but with an idea of expanding into interviews/profiles in the future.

The newsletter is free to read and will stay free.

The Author

Antonio Poscic is a music writer, researcher, teacher, and programmer who splits his time between Zagreb and Rijeka in Croatia. He is a regular contributor to The Wire, The Quietus, and PopMatters.


The name of the newsletter is inspired by a quote ascribed to Brian Eno who allegedly likened avant-garde music to research music. “You’re glad someone’s done it but you don’t necessarily want to listen to it.” Whimsy aside, the title reflects the mission of the newsletter: to spotlight and provide new perspectives on overlooked yet exciting music.

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